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Increase in Email Campaign Revenue in 90 Days
Increase in Subscription Revenue YoY
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Vitaclean is a beauty and wellness company that sells DTC. Before working with The Greenhouse, Vitaclean struggled with many marketing aspects such as working with an email agency that produced subpar creatives, struggling to produce consistent content for campaign calendar, no SMS marketing in place, and struggling to increase subscriptions via email.


The Greenhouse partnered with Vitaclean to help manage their email program, and launch SMS in a meaningful way. We focused heavily on audience segmentation to build relevant campaign calendars for each audience aimed at conversions and subscriptions. We also helped launch an SMS program with the same goals.

Key Projects

  • Launched SMS marketing as a more direct form of marketing, and as a 2-way communication channel for customers.
  • RFM Audience Segmentation and building campaign calendars that were aimed at driving conversions and new subscriptions.
  • Developed new campaign strategy and creatives to ensure customers were targeted with the right message, at the right time.
  • Developed new design direction for a rebrand, and revamped all email flows with new vision and creatives.