Bankroll Coffee

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Bankroll Coffee


Increase in Email Revenue in 60 Days
Increase in SMS Revenue in 30 Days
Increase in Repeat Purchase Rate in 30 Days


Bankroll Coffee is a DTC influencer coffee brand that was managing all their email and SMS communications in house, but found it overwhelming to continue to produce the amount of content needed along with actually running the business. Additionally, the brand was struggling to get repeat purchases from their existing customer base.


The Greenhouse partnered with Bankroll to fully manage their email & SMS channels. We helped take over campaign creation and saw quick results with revenue and engagement increases. We also built new email and SMS flows that were designed to promote repeat purchases and subscriptions. Lastly, we did a series of popup a/b testing to maximize on subscriber growth.

Key Projects

  • Built 10+ email flows that were designed to take leads from the interest stage, to conversions, and ultimately drive repeat purchases.
  • RFM Audience Segmentation and building campaign calendars that were aimed at driving conversions and new subscriptions.
  • Built and A/B tested popups and landing pages designed to maximize on subscriber growth for both email & SMS